About us

Silicolife® has established the silicone industry in our country by evaluating the process of "transition from other materials to silicone", which appears in the production of kitchenware all over the world, especially in modern and contemporary countries, with an innovative and creative approach and aims to be a pioneer and an example in this regard. In our country, it manufactures silicone products, mostly imported, over the quality standards and it has production quality test reports and food contact compliance certificates. It meets national and international quality policy standards by ensuring its diversity, reliability, efficiency, practicality and hygiene. Silicolife® has adopted the principle of protecting the rights of all living and non-living assets by minimizing environmental adverse effects with the understanding of waste treatment by ensuring environmental and product safety.

Silicolife® has adopted the mission of contributing to the country's economy with its strong capital structure in the silicon industry in which it operates, protecting the consumer in terms of both economic and hygiene thanks to quality domestic production, ensuring effective and efficient use of resources, managing human capital within universal and humanitarian values, acting based on environmental and human health at every stage of production and consumption, and gaining a place in every market by thinking globally.

Our company, operating in the silicone production industry, is located in the Arnavutköy region of Istanbul. Our production facility consists of 1800 square meters of shipment and storage area. The daily production capacity of our factory is 12,000 pieces. It has a high capacity and modern machine park. It is one of the leading companies in the industry with its qualified personnel, workforce and quality system certificates. It can meet the needs of all markets and companies internationally


Factory pictures